Effective and flexible warehousing solutions are becoming increasingly important to cut logistical costs, adapt your supply chain infrastructure to rapid changes in the marketplace, and exploit new opportunities in, for example emerging markets.

Arrshan offers warehousing and distribution as an integrated part of our logistic solutions, including receipt, put-away, storage, order pick, order pack, dispatch, stock management, and reporting.

Our sole objective is to optimise and streamline your existing warehousing and distribution processes and infrastructure and give you the opportunity to focus on your core business, enter new markets, and exploit new opportunities – faster, safer, cheaper, and more conveniently.

Arrshan Logix provides both Dedicated and Multi user warehouses.

Standalone or Dedicated Warehouse:

Arrshan Logix warehousing services are specifically designed for your requirement; gives flexibility and scalability to cater to your business growth and overall needs. Enhanced customer experience, Reduced cost of operation, Efficient processes and Short lead time are some of the benefits of opting for dedicated warehouse.

Multi-user or Shared Warehouse:

Arrshan Logix also offers shared warehouse, if you have low volumes, uncertain demand or seasonal operational fluctuations, operating in a shared warehousing allows you to enjoy the benefits of all inputs at significantly low cost.

Some benefits are:

1. Shared Manpower

2. Infrastructure including MHE’s etc… available for just a part of the total cost of operation

3. Spikes can be handled seamlessly because of huge manpower and infra base

4. State of the art security systems as a part of package

5. Flexibility to increase and decrease footprint according to business needs and seasonal demands.

 6. Short and long term storage options.

 7. Professional team through strategic planning decides which businesses would group well to share a facility together based on size, type and style of operations and processes.